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When submitting a Catering Request...Please include ALL of the following:

Please Note:
We will do our absolute best to accommodate a Delivery Request, but we cannot guarantee Delivery at this time due to staffing shortages. 
Pricing on some items may be subject to change due to the increase in the market at this time

* Contact Name
* Phone Number (best day/time to contact)
* Date of Event
* Type of Event
* Pickup (time) OR Delivery (time and address)
* Number of Guests
* Catering Option (By the Pan OR Buffet)
* Menu Choices (Appetizers, Entrees, Sides, Add Rolls, Add Sauces, etc.)
* Interested in Chef and/or Wait Services
* Interested in Wire Chafing Sets ($15/Set & yours to keep)

* Please, allow 24-48 hours for email response *
* Please, try to submit Catering Requests at least (10) days prior to your event *
* We will do our best to accommodate all requests, please note that Delivery might not be able to be accommodated (we will again do our best to make it happen) but if you are able to Pickup your Catering that would be Smokin' Awesome :)
* Our Facebook does have a "easier/broken down" version of our Catering Menu for you to take a look at :)

"Thank you and we look forward to serving all your catering needs!"
- Marc & Sarah Marcello