twin owners

About Us

Twin brothers, Jon and Marc Marcello are the owners of 58 Main Restaurant & Party House in Brockport. They recently celebrated their 10th year in business, which they attribute to their hard-working staff and loyal customers.

The Early Years

Jon & Marc were just 14 when they began bussing tables at Brockport's Village Pantry. They continued to work at the Village Pantry all through High School and into their college years. During this time, many of the customers joked with the boys about getting "stock options" or suggesting that they should just buy the restaurant. Little did anyone know, but that's what would happen...Both Marc and Jon attended SUNY Brockport. Marc graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice and Spanish. Jon graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology. While both had planned for careers in the Criminal Justice field, however, they decided to take a detour back to the restaurant business when they received a call from their father who was opening a new restaurant in California and they decided to go to California to run the restaurant with him. After about a year, the brothers returned back to Brockport with a rejuvenated enthusiasm for the restaurant business and a purchase offer for Leo Cammilleri and Jerry Rathbun, the two owners of the Village Pantry. After 25 years, Jerry and Leo were ready to move on and who better to hand off the business to than to two local boys that had the enthusiasm, training, and community ties to keep a successful business thriving.The brothers embarked on numerous improvement activities to the business. They revamped the decor of the back dining room, dressing it up and giving it a more formal air. They also built an outdoor dining patio complete with a wrap-around deck. The front end of the restaurant was renovated to have the look and feel of a 50's style diner complete with a jukebox.

A New Era

In 2003, the Village Pantry's name was officially changed to 58 Main. The 58 Main Restaurant & Partyhouse has a full menu of classic home-style cooked American and Italian cuisine, and is proud to serve Certified Angus Beef. They offer in-house catering in the back dining room with comfortable seating for 75 guests, or they can bring that 58 Main flavor to your next event, catering up to 600 guests.